Understanding HVAC

Understanding HVAC

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Development

The “Understanding HVAC” campaign was designed to make the complex world of HVAC approachable through a series of educational resources. These resources included a curriculum of three eBooks and a webinar—all of which were offered successively in a lead-nurturing campaign for the client, Specific Systems.

The initial “HVAC 101” phase of the campaign yielded a 2.7 percent conversion rate, with an outstanding pool of qualified leads. 61 percent of these leads continued through the nurturing phase to claim the “HVAC 102” resource offer and become sales qualified leads.


The eBooks I wrote and designed incorporate Specific Systems branding without directly boasting the company brand—an approach that provided a non-sales-pitchy industry resource for those in the awareness and consideration phases of the Buyer’s Journey.

Understanding Industrial HVAC

Understanding the Standards

Understanding HVAC Circuit Design

Bevin Ver Brugge Understanding HVAC Campaign
Bevin Ver Brugge Understanding HVAC Campaign


This webinar thrives on simplicity. The graphics are bold, clean, and impactful, with minimal accompanying text. The webinar visually highlights only the most critical information—preventing the viewer from becoming distracted and enabling the speaker to interact with the audience conversationally.

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Digital Ads

Digital ads created for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google leaderboards.

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Bevin Ver Brugge Understanding HVAC Campaign
Graphic Design
Web Development

What I Learned:

Identifying the evaporator, condenser, and compressor in my residential AC unit was one of my most exciting moments of practical knowledge application in 2016.

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