Site Renderings

Site Renderings

Graphic Design

Photoshop renderings created to develop redesign/remodeling concept for a new 210,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. The design concepts illustrated in these renderings were incorporated into the building design when the facility was purchased and remodeled in 2015—the design can be seen at the facility today.


For this project, I was provided with photos of the manufacturing facility in its current state (recently after the facility was purchased). Through extensive Photoshop editing, I produced renderings of what areas of the facility would look like as a result of remodeling work.

Bevin Ver Brugge Site Renderings
Bevin Ver Brugge Site Renderings


While the original goal of this project was to provide rendering “examples” to generate excitement among employees about the building purchase, the leadership team was so impressed by the results that the decision was made to utilize these renderings for the facility’s redesign and remodel—the results of which can be seen at the facility today.

What I Learned:

Always put in the extra effort—you might just see the results on the side of a building someday.

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