Music for the Modest Message

Music for the Modest Message

Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate thesis examining the impact different music formats (instrumental, lyrical, and non-musical) have on advertising likability and message recall. My undergraduate thesis can be dissected into two parts: a dissertation-worthy literature review and an original study.

The Writing

My literature review required countless hours of research to garner the contextual subject matter that would serve as the launch pad for my own research study. The study required creating three versions of a Windex television advertisement—each of which featured a different music format. These ads were then presented to three different survey groups and each viewer filled out a survey answering questions about likability and message recall.

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Bevin Ver Brugge Music for the Modest Message Thesis
Bevin Ver Brugge Music for the Modest Message Thesis

The Cover Design

Because much of my college education was dedicated to graphic design and visual communication, I elected to create a cover for my thesis. To this day, this cover remains one of my favorite graphic design projects. The image, message, and overall impact perfectly encapsulate the project and the design captures the contemporary, clean vibe I strive for in my work. All graphic and layout elements were designed in Photoshop.

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Graphic Design

What I Learned:

There is music in all things.

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