Mike Gundy Mullet Guide

Mike Gundy Mullet Guide

Graphic Design, Copywriting

This design was the focus of a social media and E-mail campaign to increase Oklahoma State University’s football season ticket renewals. As background, head coach Mike Gundy has been frequently highlighted in the media due to his distinct mullet—a feature OSU fans are all very familiar with. The idea behind the campaign was therefore to use this as the creative concept and provide a relatable, humorous message to drive season ticket renewals. The copy for the “Unabridged Mike Gundy Mullet Guide” also reflected this humorous approach.


The “Mike Gundy Mullet Guide” concept was used for E-mail and social media campaigns. A simplified version of the graphic was created for social media use.

View the full graphic.

View the social media graphic.

Bevin Ver Brugge OSU Gundy Mullet Guide
Graphic Design

What I Learned:

Gundy’s mullet is a big deal in Oklahoma.

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