Five Signs

Five Signs

Copywriting, Graphic Design

For this campaign, the client—Senior Star—was looking for a way to emphasize the company’s prestigious CARF accreditation standing. The eBook, “Five Signs of a Stellar Assisted Living Community” became an invaluable resource within each of Senior Star’s 14 communities as an educational piece designed to show families the most important requirements of an assisted living community—all of which Senior Star meets and exceeds.


The bold infographics, visual layout, and numbered sections make this an eBook that is very easy to navigate and interpret. The most important information is instantly discernable, while the supporting copy tells an inviting and engaging story.

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Bevin Ver Brugge Five Signs eBook Campaign

Digital Ads

Digital ads created for Facebook and Twitter.

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Graphic Design

What I Learned:

A community is more than a group of people—it’s a place where every person shares a love for a common purpose and every individual is valued.

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