Crosby “Shackles” Campaign

Crosby “Shackles” Campaign

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Crosby—a global manufacturer of rigging and lifting equipment—was heavily impacted by the oil price collapse of 2014. As a result of falling profits in the oil and gas industry, Crosby moved ahead with a campaign to target the construction industry by offering an educational resource to professionals within this market. This campaign consisted of a series of two eBooks, which served to nurture potential marketing qualified leads into eventual sales qualified leads.


Both eBooks feature minimal text accompanied by heavy images and infographics. The visual layout makes the content very easy to read and understand and truly captures the feel of a “101” or “201” how-to guide. Interactive calls-to-action within the copy serve a beneficial marketing purpose by driving visits to key areas of the Crosby website, as do the social sharing icons in the footers.

View “Shackles 101” here.

View “Shackles 201” here.

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What I Learned:

A shackle that fits in the palm of your hand can lift a howitzer.

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