Be Green and Save Green

Be Green and Save Green

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Development

The goal of this eBook offer was to generate sales qualified leads for Paragon Films—a market-leading stretch film manufacturer—by offering an educational stretch film resource as part of a nurturing campaign.


The eBook conveys the Paragon brand without directly calling out Paragon’s products or services—making this piece more marketable as an industry resource. However, for those interested in further exploring certain topics, interactive calls-to-action within the eBook direct to resources on the Paragon website.

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Bevin Ver Brugge
Bevin Ver Brugge

Digital Ads

Digital ads created for Facebook and Twitter.

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Landing Pages

Designed in HubSpot.

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Bevin Ver Brugge
Graphic Design
Web Development

What I Learned:

Stretch film can be surprisingly eco-friendly!

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