Anything But Ordinary

Anything But Ordinary

Copywriting, Graphic Design

The “Anything But Ordinary” campaign was a collaboration between theChurchat and Jill Donovan—owner and founder of Rustic Cuff. The campaign was centered around an eBook, which was offered to boost attendance for tC Mother’s Day services.

The campaign resulted in over 200,000 eBook impressions with an incredible 38 percent conversion rate—a gold marketing standard. In addition, campaign E-mails resulted in a 40 percent open rate and service attendance increased by 27 percent.


In creating the eBook, the goal was to capture the style of Jill Donovan’s brand while keeping the copy conversational and heart-warming. Both goals were achieved with the eBook’s simple design and inviting copy, which I was pleased to ghostwrite.

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Bevin Ver Brugge Anything But Ordinary eBook
Bevin Ver Brugge Anything But Ordinary Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Digital ads created for Facebook and Twitter.

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E-mail Graphics

These header graphics were utilized in campaign nurturing E-mails to capture the branding of the eBook campaign and convey the most important information in a direct, concise, eye-catching manner.

Bevin Ver Brugge Anything But Ordinary E-mail Graphic
Graphic Design

What I Learned:

I am extraordinary.

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