United Way Campaign

United Way Campaign

Copywriting, Graphic Design

Leading the artistic direction and creative execution of Adelante’s internal United Way campaign was a rewarding project. The goal was to implement a superhero theme for the 2013 campaign in order to create a positive message and bring a sense of joy into giving. With joy, positivity, and fun in mind, I created several campaign pieces that resulted in a successful and memorable campaign.


These images were sent to Adelante employees in a series of html E-mails. Superhero graphics were designed in Illustrator and the layout was designed in InDesign.

Saving the World

Superhero Appreciation Day

Bevin Ver Brugge United Way Campaign
Bevin Ver Brugge United Way Campaign


These posters, featuring the superhero branding, were posted throughout Adelante’s facilities to encourage United Way giving.

Superhero Duo



Super Back Flex


This was the first print collateral piece distributed as part of the United Way campaign. This 5×7” postcard was an excellent way to introduce Adelante employees to the campaign and initiate the superhero branding.

Superwoman Thank You

Superman Thank You

Bevin Ver Brugge United Way Campaign
Graphic Design

What I Learned:

When given the opportunity to choose between positive and negative messaging—always choose positive. Political ads should take a hint…

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